Why Do I Need Public Liability Insurance?

At AEI, two of the most common questions we hear include ‘Why do I need to have Public Liability Insurance?’ and ‘A company I’m working for has asked me to hold Public Liability Insurance. Can you help?’.

The simple fact is that any person, sole trader, company or the like that performs work has a Public Liability exposure and as such needs to hold the relevant insurance policy to protect themselves. And yes, AEI can help.

Public Liability Insurance provides coverage for Personal Injury and/or Property Damage caused to a third party in connection with your business activities as a result of your negligence. Even where no negligence is proven, the Insurer will pay the legal costs in defending any action that is brought against you.

Many people think that they will never require a Public Liability Insurance policy as they would not intentionally cause any injury or damage to other persons or property. But public liability cases can arise more commonly than you might think. A simple example of causing injury or damage would be unloading a ladder from your vehicle and you strike the car parked next to you. The car damaged could be a prestige vehicle in which case the cost of the damage would run into the thousands. Another example would be a painter who accidentally knocks over a valuable vase at a client’s premises.

These types of scenarios happen every day, and if you hold a Public Liability Insurance policy you can rest easy knowing that you and your livelihood are protected. Why would you run the risk of exposing your personal assets when a simple decision to take out the correct insurance coverage would result in an Insurer taking care of any damages that you are liable for.

At AEI we can tailor Public Liability Insurance policies to suit all occupations, no matter how large or small. You run your business – trust us to protect it. Contact us today to find out how we can help.