With the Christmas holiday period fast approaching and many people arranging travel over this time it is important to ensure you have the appropriate travel insurance.

Many businesses and individuals often rely on free travel cover provided under their credit cards rather than holding a Corporate or Individual Leisure Travel policy.

Some of the risks that have been identified with using credit cards are:

  • All travel must be booked on the credit card or cover is void
  • Over 50% of the premium typically goes to the agent when booking through a travel agent
  • Claims must be lodged within 30 days or the claim will be rejected

It is extremely important that if you are relying on a credit card to provide your travel insurance that you have read and understood exactly what you are being provided and the conditions that are imposed.

Corporate & Leisure Travel policies provide broader coverage and can be tailored to suit the individual or organisation. In addition, if arranged by your broker, you have the added benefit of having your claim managed by a professional. Corporate Travel premiums are cost effective starting from approximately $700 and extend to include both business and leisure travel for Company Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Company Secretaries and the like.

If you would like to discuss a tailored solution to your Corporate or Individual travel insurance needs contact your AEI Account Manager.